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We are here for you, to answer each of your questions. From questions on your cleaning to questions on how we accept payment. It is our job to help you find answers to your questions so that you are comfortable from the moment you step foot in our office.

We are always on top of the most recent developments in education and are proud to tell you all about it. We are all proud residents of our communities and are proud to support it when we can.

How long will this appointment take?

Depending on your appointment, you can be here from an hour to and hour and a half. We make sure that we allow time for us to be exclusive to all your needs during your appointment.

Do I really need the x-rays?

We use the x-rays to evaluate and protect your health. The panoramic shows us the entire jaw line and allows Dr. Durr to track the progress of developing teeth, as well as movement they might have. The bitewing x-rays show a more detail between the teeth so Dr. Durr can watch for decay and periodontal health.

Do I really need a cleaning?

YES!! Studies have linked the whole body health to the oral health. We are here for you, whether it be for regular cleanings or perio cleanings.

My dentures are not fitting like they used to – what can I do?

Dentures can lose suction over time. We need to have you come in for an evaluation sometime it can be a simple adjustment, a new liner or sometimes a new denture. Some of our patients have found implants to be a wonderful option.

Can anyone get implants?

The decision to get implants is one the oral surgeon makes. It is based on bone density and overall health.

Is this going to hurt?

We never expect any procedure to hurt. If at anytime you have discomfort, please let us know right away.

When can I eat?

If the procedure you had required you to be numb, wait until the numbness wears off. Fluoride treatments are different depending on which one you had – the rinse/swish allows you to eat and drink right away. The foam/gel you will need to wait 30 minutes. The varnish application also has a wait time of 30 minutes, and a restriction of no hot food or drink until the next day.

What restrictions do I have for the sealants?

The sealants are durable, but you should stay away from sticky candies and avoid crunching on ice or other hard food or candies.

Why go to a specialist? Can’t you do it?

Dr. Durr utilizes only the best for your care. That sometimes means we need to send you somewhere to have their expertise used on you. Each of our specialists have had extra schooling to be the specialist that they are.

My son/daughter just got hit in the mouth – what do I do?

If the tooth has been knocked out – place the tooth in milk and call the office or Dr. Durr right away. If it is still in the mouth have them close down gently to rest. Call us right away and we will guide you to what you should do next.

What do sealants look like?

Our sealant material we use is milky white in color, we evaluate them at each cleaning appointment to ensure it is doing it job and sealed well, protecting the tooth.

I am really anxious about the appointment – what can you do to help me?

We offer N2O to help put you in a more relaxed state, and we have personal cd players w/ headphones to help eliminate some of the noise. Sometimes, just talking about what is happening and why you are so anxious will work too.

How long will my face be numb?

Depending on each individual, it can be up to two hours. Some people find whistling can speed the process up - so whistle Dixie.

I was not told about any restrictions with this filling what are they?

We have cured the filling - it is as hard as it will ever be. Just make sure you are not still numb before you start eating or drinking.

Are the fillings silver or white?

Dr. Durr has not placed a silver filling since moving into our office. The fillings we use are white tooth colored and better for your tooth. The silver fillings contract and expand which place too much stress on your tooth.

When do I bring my child in for the first visit?

We like to see your child come with you to one of your cleaning appointments so they can see what happens during the visit and start to become comfortable. Usually around age three is the first visit, so when we make your appointment we will then make one just for them. Again, please bring your child to your routine dental appointments so they are familiar with the office and team.

What should I tell my child to expect during the first visit?

Tell them we will count the number of teeth they have and polish their teeth to sparkle just like the stars at night. We will take a picture of their cute face & wonderful teeth. Rest assured we will review with them what is going to happen before it starts.

What are my restrictions on my temporary crown?

  1. When flossing pull floss out to the side - pulling straight up can cause the crown to come off.
  2. If the crown comes off call the office as soon as possible. It is critical that the crown remain on the entire time the tooth is prepped for protection of the tooth and maintain the space between the teeth.
  3. If we are unavailable, you can place the temporary back on with a denture adhesive or chapstick.
  4. Please avoid eating sticky foods like caramel, taffy, jelly beans, etc. they will also tend to pull the temporary crown off the tooth. It is best to "baby" the side that the temporary is on.
  5. Please wait to eat or drink until the numbness has worn off, this may take an hour or two depending on each individual.
  6. Avoid hard candies, popcorn kernels, ice, and other similar items as they may cause the tooth to break as well as the temporary.
  7. Brush and Floss twice a day.

Ok, I forgot – what are my restrictions for my permanent crown?

  1. Please wait to eat or drink until the numbness has worn off, this may take an hour or two depending on each individual.
  2. Always avoid hard candies, popcorn kernels, ice, and other similar items as they may cause the tooth to break as well as the restoration.
  3. Brush and Floss twice a day.

What are the number’s the hygienist reads off?

The number’s read off are used for Dr. Durr and your hygienist to keep track of your periodontal health. These numbers are recorded at each visit and compared to the last set of numbers 1 to 3 is healthy gum tissue, anything beyond that is a concern. Dr. Durr and your hygienist will then decide if perio treatment is then warranted.

Aren’t all cleanings the same?

No, some cleanings are done without gum disease and are a regular cleaning. Some may have gum disease and can’t have a regular cleaning.

What is gum disease?

Gum disease starts out as minor inflammation of the gum tissue and spreads into a bacteria that feeds below the gum line. This infection can cause bone and tooth loss. More info can be found at

Can my headaches be caused by me grinding?

Some people who have tenderness along the temple/cheek region of their face it does. The clenching and grinding can be a contributor to headaches as well as damage to your teeth. Speak with Dr. Durr next time you are in and he can do an evaluation to see if you need a splint.

Do you remind patients of their appointments?

Post cards are sent out about two weeks ahead to patients who schedule the cleanings in advance. Reminders to make an appointment are sent to others who are unable to make it that far in advance. We also call the business day before your appointment to remind you of your appointment. If you do not hear from us and think you have an appointment call us to double check.